Garage Films is all about amazing executions, production innovation and storytelling skills. This crew rocks, man!
We have our own gigantic film equipment rental! (How cool is dat?) with cameras like ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, RED Scarlett, SONY A7, Canon Mark III, GOPro, and many others. > Lenses like Cooke miniS4/i, RED Lenses, Canon Lenses, Optar (from Russia with love). You name it, we got it!
Let's not forget that you can count on our many services like casting, location scout, editing, 2D & 3D animation, sound design, OST, jingles, Da Vinci Color Grading, and much more!
We have been awarded at Cannes, Ciclope, Festival del Caribe, Jade, Claps, and pretty much at every advertising festival in Latin America. You'll like working with us!